Care Homes

At TDC-Architects, we specialise in care homes and our staff have worked within the care sector for over 20 years. With award winning care home designs, we ensure that our designs are thoroughly thought out and executed to ensure that they meet the needs of the Elderly. The designs that we produce are planned out and executed to supplement many mental illness' such as dementia which is common within Elderly people. We design the care homes in such a way so that the elderly are in a very safe and secure environment.


Retirement living

Retirement living has been a speciality for our architects at TDC-architects. Our architects have earned multiple awards for there retirement living projects and have the skills and experience that has been adapted from designing care homes. Our team have worked on a multitude of retirement homes for the elderly all around the United Kingdom. 



As a team, we have a staff who have worked designing in a multitude of different industries. We have worked in building residential housing throughout the UK. Our staff have also designed for the motor industry designing car show rooms for high end car manufactures such as Ferrari and Porsche. Additionally, our staff have designed within the education industry. In particular, we have crafted designs for education institutes around the United Kingdom. Over our years of experience, we have also helped design within the retail industry designing buildings for top retailers. We also have staff that have had experience  designing buildings within the sports sector. Throughout our business, we have worked on a wide range of projects within lots of different sectors and industries. Not only have they brought valuable and transferable skills across to our team members, but it also allows us to get a greater understanding off different types of architecture as we have designed a variety of different types of buildings.